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To play online casinos, it is very essential to deposit money in your casino site account for betting. Today, renowned and popular casino sites offer a minimum of five available payment methods that users can easily use and enjoy the game with no hindrance. Various payment methods provide different perks and convenience that users can use as per their choice and needs. Some offer direct bank transfer while others have e-wallets and the latest addition is the mobile transfer. Each mode has its own associated security and concerns. Here’s name a few of the online casino payment methods that a user can access from anywhere even in India.

So till now if you are not yet decided with what payment options you should opt for your online casino games experience, have a look here and solve your problems.


  1. MasterCard: This is the widely accepted credit card among all casino sites. With this payment method, you can instantly make a payment but one thing needs to consider here is they are less favored by the users because fewer people use it. But it is a secure and great option, while some casinos may charge a little percentage for the withdrawal but that is minimum and easy to handle.
  2. Visa: This is the best and highly appreciable mode of online casino payment. With little withdrawal charges, Visa offers instant transaction with no issues and as the number of Visa holders are high, it is accepted by almost each casino site.
  3. Direct Bank Transfers: Many casino sites offer direct payment through bank account but it is not favored by the users as it takes a long time, and no one loves to wait in the queue just for making transactions.
  4. PayPal: This e-wallet payment method is very much popular and easy to handle. With PayPal account, any user can transfer initially to a PayPal account and then to the casino site. Quick, easy and secure it is liked by many users.
  5. Boku: This is ideally a mobile payment method where money will be transferred through mobile numbers. This trend is growing but very few casino sites accept it as it is not highly popular but safe and secure both.
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